Saturday, November 26, 2011

Call for Papers and Objects

Papers and Objects are solicited for a session on the archaeology of contemporary protest movements at the upcoming TAG-USA conference in Buffalo, NY, May 17-20, 2012.


Call for Papers
Session: The Archaeology of Contemporary Protest Movements
What can archaeology teach us about events as they unfold? We invite papers that take an archaeological perspective on current events, such as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, the ‘Arab Spring’ or the recent riots in the UK. This session is designed to explore what archaeology can contribute to understanding fast moving events with short-lived and transient material traces. How might an archaeological standpoint contribute to understanding the politics of cleaning and garbage; the (im)materiality of protests; and the tensions between ephemerality & commemoration?

Call for Objects
Exhibit: The Archaeology of Occupy Wall Street.
The Center for Archaeology is also putting together an archive of Occupy Wall Street artefacts: handouts from OWS-related demonstrations  - such as those of Oct 5 and November 17- or from Zuccotti Park itself; artefacts recovered from the trash, and artefacts recovered from the gutters around Zuccotti Park early in the morning on November 15 and November 16. These objects we intend to use for an exhibit "Occupy the display cases!" If you have any artefacts, objects, papers that you would like to see included in this exhibit, or if you would like to see the artefacts (perhaps for use in or as inspiration for a paper) please contact any one of us.

For more information:
Mark Mulder
John Molenda
Amara Magloughlin

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